4 Fun Facts About the Dogue de Bordeaux

As Tom Hanks may have found out in the movie Turner and Hooch, this is especially true if the dog is a huge 110+ pound Dogue De Bordeaux. With his serious expression, muscular build and massive head, the DDB, as the breed is nicknamed, is an imposing figure indeed. Whether you're starring in a film with one or just planning to live with a Dogue De Bordeaux, here are four things you should know about the breed.

1. The DDB is an excellent companion, deeply devoted to his family. He's calm, affectionate, docile and steady. He also has a protective instinct and guards his family with courage.

2. Along with that calm temperament comes stubbornness, self-confidence and a tendency to dominate. Socialization and patient positive training are a must. Start early—it's easier to train a puppy than a DDB who may be bigger (and certainly stronger) than you are.

3. Dogues do very well at dog sports. While only moderately active, their willingness to learn and eagerness to please their owners make them adept at cart-pullingobedience and even therapy work.

4. They drool. No, they really, really drool! Anyone who lives with a Dogue de Bordeaux quickly becomes familiar with strings of drool covering furniture, floors and walls. But to know him is to love him, drool and all.

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Jan 17, 2017